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This Selena Gomez – Justin Bieber – Zedd love triangle is turning increasingly more interesting, especially since Selena is rumored to be pregnant with Zedd’s baby. According to the new cover issue of Life & Style Magazine, Selena is pregnant with Zedd’s baby and she’s mainly freaking out about it because it would affect her relationship with Zedd, and also affect her future with Justin Bieber.

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The way Life & Style describes it is, ‘“Weeks into her relationship with producer DJ Zedd, Selena is convinced she’s expecting his baby — and terrified of what it could mean for the recent rekindling of her troubled love with Justin Bieber.

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She thinks she could be pregnant since she has gained so much weht lately and hasn’t been feeling well.

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She thought she had the flu at first, but she also isn’t the best at taking birth control, so she is majorly stressing.” Well, celebrities like Selena Gomez have all the whole world at their disposal so I doubt that their birth control options are so limited.

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